Which Web Hosting Option is Right for You?

Which Web Hosting Option is Right for You?

Now that you know how web hosting works, you are going to have to choose between different types of servers to host your website on. Since not all hosts are the same, this breakdown of the various options should help you get started making an informed decision.

There are many different hosting options- choose wisely!

Managed vs. Unmanaged

Managed hosting means that you get customer support, and someone to take care of the many tasks required to set up a hosting environment. This includes setting up the operating system, managing security, performing routine updates and maintenance. Access to customer support also means that you have someone to call if anything ever goes wrong.

Unmanaged web hosting means that you’re going it alone. You get zero support, no one to help you install anything (including the operating system), and if something goes wrong  you are on your own with no one to call. Needless to say, if you aren’t very familiar with servers then unmanaged hosting is not the best option for you.

(This choice is only really something you need to worry about if you are considering a dedicated or VPS solution, but it is a useful bit to keep in mind.)


Website Hosting Options

Website hosting comes in four different flavors: Dedicated, Shared, VPS, and Cloud. The differences between them includes the storage size, server speed, controllability, price, reliability, and the technical expertise and maintenance required to keep them secure and running.

Shared Server Hosting:

Though the name is pretty self explanatory, shared hosting means that you are sharing server resources (RAM, storage space, CPU, etc) with hundreds and sometimes even thousands of other websites. This is the cheapest hosting option available, but like so many things, the cheapest option comes with a price. Because you are sharing a limited amount of resources with so many other websites, if they experience heavy traffic and start pulling more resources, then your website slows down.

With shared hosting, your website will share resources with several websites worldwide.

With shared hosting, your website will share resources with several others worldwide.

If we think of this in terms of our valet scenario (see “Web Hosting 101”), shared hosting means that there is only one valet on duty and his time is shared between everyone. As long as there are only one or two people wanting their cars at a time, everything runs smoothly and no one really has to wait. However, since there is only one valet who can get only so many cars at a time, if ten or fifteen people decide that they all want their car at the same time a line forms and people end up waiting.


Cheapest option

Easy to get up and running

Customer support when things go wrong


Slower site speeds

More likely to have website downtime

Higher chance of security holes


Dedicated Server Hosting:

Dedicated hosting means that you have a server all to yourself. You know exactly how much storage space and RAM you get, and you don’t have to worry about anyone else pulling those resources from you. You have absolute control over the way your server is configured.

Dedicated hosting means you have a valet of your very own! He doesn’t get anyone else’s car, and whenever you are ready he is there waiting patiently for you, you don’t have to stand in line.


Ability to install whatever you want on your server

Absolute control over the resources available

Less prone to security risks

Much higher site speed


Most expensive option

You need to either know how to manage a server yourself or hire someone to manage it for you

Unless you pay for a “managed” option, you get no help from customer support


If loading speed is your biggest concern, a Dedicated or VPS server is your best option.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and is basically the middle ground between shared and private hosting. You still share a server, but with significantly fewer people (usually less than 50 others). With a VPS, everyone is separated from each other and given a specific amount of resources that aren’t shared with anyone else. They do require some configuration, but if someone else’s site is getting a lot of traffic your speeds won’t be affected.


It is cheaper than dedicated hosting

Although you share a server, you don’t share resources

You have a guaranteed amount of resources allotted to you

The ability to create an unlimited number of databases and emails

You have more control over the server and the applications installed on it

More secure than shared hosting


It costs more than shared hosting

You still share a server with others

If you don’t know much about servers, a managed option can get pricey


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