The Fawkes FX Team has their First Halloween!

The Fawkes FX Team has their First Halloween!


Here we are in the middle of the final week of October and… it’s Halloween! Hands down my absolute favorite holiday. There are so many wonderful things involved in this autumn celebration that help distract us from the fact that everything around us is dying, summer is gone, and winter is nearly here. But before we all slip in to a deep hibernation for the next 4 – 6 months huddled near a warm fire with our old buddy, Netflix: Fawkes FX is going to squeeze in all the Halloween fun we can find. Here’s how;



Non Stop Halloween Movies:

We’ve been running movies loosely related to the holiday while we work for the last week now and I’ve been trying to pick out my favorites, but it’s really hard because there are so many good ones! But here are some Halloween movies that I have / could watch a billion (that’s right, with a B) times and will never get sick of.


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Festively Creative Decorations:

What’s not to love about halloween decorations? Everyone get’s to make their school, home, and office look like something out of a scary movie! Each year I like to take a few moments to browse the worldwide web and find some amazing new spooky holiday displays.

Here are a just few:

decoration-1 decoration-2

Homedit has put together a little guide if you want to see more: CLICK HERE

Now take some of these ideas and make them your own! Put up some cobwebs, hang a few ghosts from the ceiling, move those skeletons in your closet out to the front lawn, and carve some pumpkins!



Heading to the Pumpkin Patch:


We’re all for carving pumpkins and creating an organic decoation that’s environmentally safe and completely compostable! One of the best parts of this experience is heading out to the pumpkin patch to pick out your canvas. Luckily the PDX area has a ton of local farms, here are just a few.

The Pumpkin Patch

Bella Organic Farm

Fazio Farms Corn Maze

Lee Farms in Tualatan

Along with pumpkins, these places offer corn & hay mazes, hay rides, pony rides, barrel wagon rides, pedal carts, farm animals, face painting, apple cider, donuts, and so much more!! These are great places to take the whole family, and solid spots for some Halloween fun!


Costume Parties for Days:

Kids and adults alike dress up every year to eat, dance, drink, and party the day away, and Portland isn’t going to disappoint in this area. There’s a multi-thousand person rave fundraiser put on by the city, a haunted cruise, silent disco, zombie walk and much much more! These might be exclusively for adults, or an all ages activity depending on the specific event you’re considering.

And since we wouldn’t even know where to start, we’ve included links below that leads to huge lists of Halloween events happening in the Portland metro area this year!fawkes-fx-portland-oregon-web-design-halloween-costume-party

PDX Pipeline Halloween Event Schedule:

Portland Halloween on Facebook:

Portland Oregon Halloween Official Page:


A few Fawkes Costumes:

Just for fun: This last year at Fawkes FX has left me with feathers on the brain, so I’ve included a couple Phoenix costumes. We’d love to see a even more of these in years to come, maybe on some of our staff?!




Last, but most certainly not least!

We know that Halloween is considered a party holiday by many, and a party holiday brings an increase in potentially unsafe decisions, which usually means more intoxicated drivers on the road. No matter how you choose to celebrate this fall, please be safe and take care of each other out there.

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