The Art of Making Lemonade: Origins of Fawkes FX

The Art of Making Lemonade: Origins of Fawkes FX


Who are we? A group of young professionals who believe that a business should thrive on passion, integrity, and working hard for a well-deserved payout. We are natural leaders who want to pursue our crafts in a way that allows us to keep learning and growing. We are creators, we are risk-takers, and we are simply terrible fits in the mundane corporate world. Because of this, every single one of us were fired.chess-1142251_960_720

Losing a job is traumatic for most people. While it wasn’t fun by any means, I feel pretty lucky that this group of highly motivated, talented individuals were able to share the experience. I feel even luckier that our separate skills were able to combine into such a cohesive whole.

Without a doubt, Fawkes FX is our favorite challenge thus far. It’s a challenge to ourselves to apply years’ worth of experience in uncharted territory, and to never stop shaping that territory. It’s also a challenge to our clients to allow us to think outside-the-box and guide them to becoming innovators within their industry. These things have already produced results more amazing than we could have predicted, so we are eager to see what accomplishments the future will bring!

Above all, each of us is in the digital industry for the love of the digital industry. We love being able to design, create, and strategize for every different task that comes our way- something we were unable to do while working for someone else. Whatever is in store for this company, one thing is certain; Fawkes FX is a journey, and everyone involved will better themselves and their abilities before coming out the other side.

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