Now Offering FFX Branding Packages!

Now Offering FFX Branding Packages!

It isn’t uncommon for someone to come to us for a website with the goal of creating a new look & feel for their company.  Or even for someone to sign up for their first website, only to realize that they also need our team to design the creative direction of their company.

Of course, we’re happy to help design an attractive, competitive site. It’s what we do.

But here’s the thing: Your brand is so much bigger than your website.

Your brand is your name, logo, packaging, color scheme, words and imagery. And while Fawkes FX has created these items individually in the past, it isn’t until now that we’ve offered a full branding experience, with or without a website build.


How do the Branding Packages Work?

The packages are designed around your business, so first you’ll need to speak with one of our team members about what you’re looking for. Based on your company’s size, goals, and needs, they will offer you a package for a set rate and a certain number of Collateral Design items.

For example: The package costs $X, and includes logo design and a newsletter. You may choose 1 more Identity Design and 2 more Marketing Design items.


What are Collateral Design Items?

Anything that we design to support your new brand, divided into two categories: Identity & Marketing. Some of these items are automatically included while others are only available by request. Even so, all of them are still available a la carte if you need to add more.


Always Included

Market Research & Analysis: Where every package starts. We complete an in-depth analysis of your industry, market, and customers to find the right direction for your brand.

Brand Guidelines: Basically, it’s a list of design rules your company should follow everywhere to keep your new brand on-point, from color options to logo uses.

Social Media Design: Cover images and profile photos for every social profile you have.


Identity Design

*Name: Using the market analysis to develop 3-5 name options.

Logo: Designing the brand’s key identifier, including 3-4 concept sketches.

Business Cards: A template design that can be used company-wide.

Correspondence: Envelope & letterhead design.

*Literature Design: Designing internal company communication, such as handbooks.


Marketing Design

Brochure: Design the full layout of a tri-fold brochure.

Print Ad Design: Create a visual ad for magazines, newspapers, flyers, etc.

Display & Signage: Designing a physical display or banner.

Direct Mail: Design of a mail postcard or advertisement.

Newsletter: One newsletter template design, with a sample newsletter using dummy content.

*Package Label Design: Concept designs and a final label design for product packaging.

Merchandise Design: Designing a product that represents your brand, such as t-shirts, stickers, or pens.

*Please request at first consultation

Interested in hearing more about our branding packages? Contact Fawkes FX today!


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