Introducing Monthly Support Packages for FFX Partners

Introducing Monthly Support Packages for FFX Partners

Over the past few months, we’ve noticed a growing problem that’s just too big to ignore. Our team will spend countless hours working with partners to build the perfect website- one that is well designed, functional, and meets every possible business need- but after the website was put online, most partners needed more.

And that makes sense. After all, a website is meant to be a reflection of your business, growing and changing right alongside it. Sometimes you need to swap images, change content, add pages, or run updates, and we want you feel comfortable coming to us for help.

But between basic maintenance and marketing-related changes, most of our partners were contacting us every week for some type of support. We started to realize that our hourly rates, offered for development and design related tasks, were too costly for these minor changes. We knew we could do a better job providing affordable, long-term assistance, and that’s what we did.


Fawkes FX Support Packages

Our support packages cover everything a website needs to stay secure, functional, and effective- all for MUCH less than you’d pay hourly! See exactly what you’ll get in the service definitions below, and as always, contact your Partner Representative if you have any questions.



Core WordPress Updates: Running regular updates on your WordPress, Magento, or other CMS system. Protects the website from security breaches and bugs.

Theme Updates: Running updates on your website theme and fixing any errors. Protects from broken website features.

Response Time: The maximum amount of time you’ll wait to hear back from our Support team.

Support Monthly: The Support time available for website changes each month. Our agents will let you know how much time is used on each task, so you always know how much time you have left.

Database Backups*: Taking a backup of your current database, so your information stays secure in the event of a technological issue.

Site Backups*: Taking a backup of your current website code, so it can be fully restored in the event of a technological issue.

24/7 Security Monitoring*: Watching your website for security breaches. Protects against website hacks, malware, and invalid logins.

WordPress Training Videos: Access to customized training videos in the dashboard of your website.

Ecommerce Plugin Support: Troubleshooting errors and managing changes with eCommerce plugins.

Phone Support: Access to our Support line to ask questions and make changes directly.

Design/Development Monthly: Time available for development & design related tasks, such as creating site advertising or building new features.


For more information on FFX Support packages, contact your Partner Representative or give us a call at (971) 888-7576!


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