A Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

Visuals are an important tool for marketing your business. Your audience is much more likely to engage with your brand when you share images, videos and animations, which means that visual content is something you don’t want to forget! Of course, since every social media platform is different, the sizes, shapes and types of the visuals you use will vary from site to site.

To avoid your content from getting cropped, distorted or compressed, we have put together this guide for image sizes on all major social media platforms:

Ideal social media image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr & more! Fawkes FX is a creative digital agency specializing in websites, branding, graphics, and animations. We’re happy to help our partners with all aspects of digital marketing, and gladly offer advice ranging from social media efforts to business development. To receive industry tips & news straight to your email, sign up for our newsletter below!

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